Which language is the best for programming beginner?

Many beginners are asking this question which language is the best to learn programming.

Which language is the best for programming beginner?

The answer is any language what you can do right now in your environment.

My son is doing it on scratch.

I think it’s enough for understanding of programming.

Do it right now

Don’t spend your expensive time to choose the language.

All languages offer similar grammer.

Actually, You must have the ability to recognize language features.

For this ability, You must study wide knowledge about sw and computer science.

pseudo code, UML and design pattern

Do you know pseudocode, UML, and design patterns (if you are interested in OOP)?
These are languages for developers.

Developers will not necessarily use them in all real-world jobs.
However, to be a good player in the sw world, you need to know these languages.

After “Hello world!”

When starting to learn a programming language, most beginners print “Hello world!” .

Then beginners try several examples.

But sooner or later, developers lose track of what to do.

It’s because you realize that you can’t create your uncle’s restaurant delivery app right away with just syntax and logic.

This is because modern SW is not made in only one language and artifact.

You must be able to design the software appropriately for each component and the architecture of the software in order to realize all functional and non-functional requirements.

Why learn SW engineering

If you don’t learn SW engineering, you will be able to do only the part you learn through experience.

However, most developers can’t experience all SW Architecture in the field.

The problem is that in the real world you are not meeting the language requirements, you should use the language that meets the given requirements.

Therefore, understanding systematic and wide knowledge of SW through SW engineering study is essential to have the ability to analyze various requirements and design SW accordingly.
And when you have this ability, you will be able to perform your work with little effort to adapt to the language required by the project.

Collaboration skill

Excellent developers shine when they collaborate well with other developers and stakeholders.
Are you familiar with using a variety of collaboration tools such as git, slack, and trello, and have a flexible attitude toward a development culture such as agile?

These collaboration skills would increase your value.

To be professional

SW is also a necessity of business, and time is competitive in business.
So if you’re into the professional world, you must be well trained in the role you will play.

It is not difficult to understand the syntax of a language, but adapting to the framework and development environment according to the language and platform requires a lot of training.

What we have to do

Start learning any language right away. Whether it’s Python, C# or Java.

Study SW engineering.

Enjoy collaboration.

Accumulate know-how and library to become a professional developer.

Finally, learn to ask correct questions. It is good practice to ask questions on StackOverflow.

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